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Some students have written a short diary about the travel

Saturday, 5th April

Tired. That’s how we felt after finishing this busy day. We woke up at 5:20 AM!!! The plane left at 8 AM approximately, because there were weather problems in London Gatwick Airport. With our easy jet, we arrived there at around quarter past nine. We all were very excited to start knowing and meeting a new culture, new people etc. From the Airport, our coach took us to Oxford city. I didn’t know that Oxford was also a city. I just knew about the university. It was a long trip. There in Oxford City we visited Oxford University, and many other colleges. Our guide spoke slowly to help us understand her but and she was a bit hyperactive, although it was a great visit, I discovered that there it was where the Harry Potter film was filmed.

It was 6 o’clock and we took our coach again and then, it took us to the meeting point. We all were so excited to meet the families who would take care of us these days.

I think, in my group, we’ve been so lucky. She’s not rich; she doesn’t have a big house. But she’s one the most friendly persons that I’ve ever meet in my life. Her name is Tracy, she lives alone, in a flat, she’s from South-Africa, she has one son (who lives in South-Africa), and she loves Spanish culture and knows a bit of Spanish language. We had dinner an hour ago, vegetables and meat, (it was great but it could be better) and now I’m writing this. See you!!

Juan Alberto Esteves

Sunday, 6th April

Today we visited London. It was a fantastic city. We saw all the city, its shops and monuments. We saw the London Eye, the Big Ben, the change of the Queen’s guard at the Buckingham Palace, the Green Park, the river Thames, Piccadilly Circus…In the afternoon, we went to the British museum but it was forbidden to take photos inside. After that, we went to a commercial zone to do some shopping, and at 6 o’clock we went to the bus. This night, Peggy made us a very delicious dinner, and after that we went to the room. And now I’m writing this.

Daniel Pena


Monday, 7th April

My roommates and I woke up so early to get ready for another exciting day in London. We got dressed, had breakfast and met our classmates as the day before. We really wanted to continue meeting new city places.

That day, the plan started by crossing the famous Tower Bridge, a beautiful and large bridge which crosses the Thames River, from where we could see the Tower of London. So, we crossed the bridge through its east side seeing the Tate modern. Then, we arrived at the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, where we had programmed a visit.

We were lucky because the man who guided us through the theatre spoke in English perfectly and in a funny and easy way to understand.

After the theatre tour, we had lunch. Later, we went to the East side of the city, near St. Paul’s Cathedral. We finished the afternoon with some free time to buy some stuff again.

After that, the bus picked us up again as the previous days to take us to the meeting point.

Marcel Guillén

Oriol Aragay


Tuesday, 8th April

Dear diary:

This day has been one of my favourites during my visit to England. First we took a court to visit some parks, that were awesome, and then we visited the British Museum. I really enjoyed it because I love history and in the museum there were lots of interesting worlds, fragments of the history with a lot of things to show: Rome, Greece, Mesopotamia and Egypt, among others. Also I had to do a story on the classical worlds for the subject of latin. Unfortunately I couldn’t see everything, because I had not enough time, and there were too many interesting things.

After the visit, we had lunch in a park for an hour, and went to the Camden Town, a place with a lot of shops and interesting places to buy some souvenirs.

One hour and 10 minutes later, we took the coach and turned to our houses. Today has been sunny, and that’s another reason for this day has been incredible.


Ignasi Ger


Wednesday, 9th April

Today we had a very beautiful day, with a lot of sun. When we were going to the bus the taxi got lost, and we arrived 10 minutes late. In the bus, the teachers said: “Today we will visit the Natural History Museum. Later, we will eat at Hyde Park, and at the end of the day we will go shopping at Oxford Street”. And we arrived to the Natural History Museum. There were a lot of people waiting for the museum, but the guard opened the doors very early and we waited for a few minutes. When we entered the museum, the teachers gave us time to see the museum. There, we could see the exhibition of the dinosaurs. We also saw many more exhibitions like the human body, animals of all kinds: marine, reptiles … exposition of the minerals, plants, etc… We really liked this Museum more than British museum because it was more interesting for us.

After we finished the visit we went to the Hyde Park to have lunch. We had to take the bus because the park was very far. The park was enormous! It was awesome! All the group were impressed. There was a big lake and we had lunch behind the lake. After that, we went to the most important streets in London. One of the ones was Oxford Street. When we were walking we saw an old woman who fell down the floor in the street. One of the teachers (Pere) helped the woman with other two people who were there when the woman had the accident. In all, we stayed there for 30 minutes but when the ambulance came, we continued walking. We arrived at a subway stop. Albert was in Oxford Street with Ignasi, Susanna and Laia looking for some souvenirs for his family and Carlos went with Carles, Arnau and Dani Pena to Chinatown   for buy some souvenirs. At 6 o’clock we went to the house and later at 8 o’clock we ate a very delicious “Paella”.


Albert Blay

Carlos Rodríguez

Thursday, 10th of April

Today is the last day. In the morning we finished the bags, we had breakfast and went to the meeting point like all the other days. (Marta)

We had to say goodbye to Susie which was very sad, because we liked her very much. She was nice and kind and cooked very well. We would always sing in the car all together. (Anna)

We went to Windsor, but we couldn’t visit the castle because it was too expensive, so we walked around the gardens and saw the Changing of the Guard. (Mireia)

After we had free time to do the last shopping, walk around Windsor, which was beautiful, and have lunch. (Júlia)

At last we had to return to the bus because we had to go to Gatwick Airport. And we finally said bye bye to London and hello to Barcelona. (Olga)

We will miss London very much, because we had such a good time with our friends and visiting new places. We loved it! (Emma).


Anna Sevillano

4t d’ESO


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