Trip to London 2015

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Day 1: Flight to London and visit to Cambridge

 Saturday 21st March

Today is the most awaited day, and it was faced with many nerves.

This morning I got up at half past six, I drunk a cup of milk for breakfast, I finished pushing in the bag all that remained, I took the car with my father, and went to the airport. Quarter to seven was the time indicated by teachers to be at the airport before the plane left. Once all students were there, we checked in the big bags, and said goodbye to parents, who wished us a good trip. We spent some time waiting in a big room that our plane arrived. Once inside the plane, and all passengers sat in their chairs, the plane was ready to take off, and then, I thought was very lucky to do this trip with a fantastic company, my friends.

The flight was great, and we had no problems during the flight. After landing, a coach was waiting on the garage, which took us to Cambridge.

The trip from the airport (Luton) to Cambridge was a bit long and heavy because we were very nervous, but once there, everything was perfect. During the trip by coach from the airport to Cambridge, we had a little accident; the bags that they were placed on the underside of the bus, and the wind made the door open, and two suitcases went out and fell off the bus. We were lucky that a man picked them up while some students realized this and warned the driver. He stopped on the bus and collect. After this little accident, we arrived at Cambridge everything was perfect. In Cambridge, it was quite cold, and was very hungry, and we ate a sandwich after a tour of the city with the teachers. They took us to the door of a university, which by chance was hosting a graduation. There were left for an hour to walk, and were at the same place at that time. We were walking around and we saw a lot of beautiful things, saw a small market, and I was surprised with the architecture. All buildings had the same architectural style, and that made a great impression.

After an hour, we went to where we stayed with teachers, and headed to the bus we was waiting, and took in the “meeting point” where the families come to pick up and take us each morning. Once we got there, all the family were waiting students, all no, our family forgot to pick up us, and the first impression was very bad. The agency called our family, and she decided to send a taxi, but teachers said we couldn’t go alone by taxi in case anything should happen. With all this, it was more than half past seven. In the end we got the car boss who first took us home from our family, Dorival family. When we called the door, they came to open, a man of about thirty-five, with dark skin. He took us into the dining room where he had his wife, who greeted us friendly.

The room also had two small children sleeping, a boy of about seven years, and a girl of twelve, also had an older gentleman who so we deducedhe was the boy’s father, and there was another man, young, old similar to the man who had opened the door for us, and later we counted he was the best friend of the master of the house and was living in the house for a while.

After the presentations we were shown the room when we lived during these six days, it was a room with a double bed and on the floor was a mattress to fit two girls as his side had a door leading to a bathroom. All this was on the third floor which was all to ourselves, but we knew we didn’t have a lot of time there, only to sleep.

The master of the house carried our bags, and left us all liberated so at night we did what we wanted, but quietly without disturbing others, after arrival, returned down for dinner when we got kids they were gone and had gone to sleep, then gave them the presents they had brought them from Barcelona, had dinner and went to bed, we were very tired, it was the first day but it was very intense and exhausting, with strong emotions.

 Anna Bofill

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Today was the first day. Everybody was very excited, and it was a great day.

We took the plane in the morning, and we had lunch in London. The flight didn’t have any problems.

In the afternoon we went to Cambridge. Cambridge is so nice, and we visited some of the University, and we walked around the town. I loved the small streets and the old houses. We thought that the weather would be very bad, but I think that it’s bearable.

After this, we went to the meeting point, where we met the families.

Our family is the Mahanama, they are Indian. I think we have been very lucky, because it’s a very kind family. They have two children: a girl who is 9, and a boy who is 12.

The mother made our dinner (hamburger with sweet potato chips), but they didn’t have lunch with us.

After dinner we played with the girl (who was very nice) and now we are going to go to sleep, because we are very tired.

I think that we’ll enjoy this week in London a lot!

 Laia Turull

camera laia Londres 02421 7 21 6

Day 2: London

Sunday 22nd March

The second day was exhausting because we visited a lot of places and landmarks, so we had to walk all day long. We first saw London Eye, but we couldn’t have a ride because it was not open that time. The London Eye is a giant ferris wheel which was built in 1999 (the same year I was born) and it’s the most popular tourist attraction in UK with 3.5 millions of visitors every year. After that, we saw the Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament that are located in the Palace of Westminster. Westminster Abbey is there and it has become a place for weddings, funerals and coronations.

Our next step was to visit the National Gallery. On our way to Trafalgar Square we stopped 5 minutes in front of 10 Downing Street, the Prime Minister’s official residence.

Trafalgar Square is at the heart of London and it’s a lively place full of Londoners and tourists. Next to it it’s the National Gallery, an art museum that has more than 2.300 paintings from the mid-13th century to the 20th century.

After having a picnic lunch in the area, we went to visit M&M’s shop which is the world’s largest candy store that opened in London in 2011. It was amazingly big and it smelt chocolate!

The last visit of the day was at the British Museum, the largest museum dedicated to human history and culture. It’s so huge that we couldn’t visit the whole museum but only some parts like the Ancient Egypt.

Around 5 p.m. we took again our coach back to the family. The journey was two hours long and we were tired. When we arrived dinner was ready and after some chat we went to sleep.

 Ricard Gutiérrez

IMG-20150322-WA0014 IMG-20150322-WA0006

Breakfast time!!

These were the first words that we heard in the morning and they woke up us. Quickly, we went down the stairs and sat at the table. A big and delicious breakfast was waiting for us! Yummy! There were some cereal, biscuits, chocolate, jam, marmalade, toast, milk, orange juice and hot cross buns. That was a huge typical English breakfast! After eating all of it I was really full up and I could hardly move.

Our host was an old lady aged 83, but very energetic and friendly, who obviously cared about our diet.

She also prepared a nice picnic for lunch (a triple sandwich, an apple, chips, and some chocolates…)

Since our granny didn’t drive, a monitor came to pick us up by car to take us to the coach. At 8 o’clock everybody was already inside the coach prepared to see museums and other landmarks in London city.

We first saw the famous Big Ben by the Thames River and the Houses of Parliament. After that we saw the London Eye, a giant ferris wheel which is one of the main tourist attractions, but we didn’t have a ride.

We walked into town and passed by 10 Downing Street, the Prime Minister’s official residence. We took many photographs and our teachers were a bit tired of us because we walked very slowly.

The first museum we saw was the National Gallery, where there were thousands of paintings from 13th to 20th century. Carme, our history teacher, explained to us the meaning of some paintings. There were some that I liked a lot, but I finally got a little bored after looking at so many paintings. Besides, I got lost in the museum!

We had our lunch in Trafalgar Square, surrounded by other tourists like us.

In the afternoon, we walked to the British Museum. Before that, we went to visit M&M’s shop which is the world’s largest candy store. I loved it! It was a paradise of chocolate of thousands of colours. This shop is only in New York, Oslo, Canada and London!

When the teachers were finally able to get us out of the shop, we visited the British Museum.

It was enormous! We were there only for one hour and it seemed too short for me! We could only see the part of Egypt.

The bus came to pick us up at 6 o’clock and we all were tired from walking.

At home, Margaret, our sweet granny, was waiting for us with a delicious hot soup and other dishes.

We fell asleep very fast after this fantastic and unique day.

 Marina Guzmán

22 2

Day 3: The palace

Monday 23rd March

Today we left Thomas’ house and we took the bus like we do every day. We passed by the Tower Bridge and we went to visit the Tate Modern art gallery. It’s an art gallery and our art teacher explained to us the most important things. I liked it. In the last flat there was a panoramic view of the city. We could see Saint Paul’s cathedral and the Thames River. We had lunch on the grass in front of the museum, and then we took a boat to go to visit another Tate gallery, the Tate Britain. I liked this one better, maybe because it had some of the paintings which we had already studied at school, like Turner’s.

Finally we went to visit Buckingham palace, and we made a walk around Saint James’ park. After that short walking we took again the bus, and then Tony’s car, and then we arrived at the house.

To end this tiring day, Tina Thomas made spaghettis for dinner. They were delicious!

Mireia Soto


Day 4: Shopping day

Tuesday 24th March

 It was the shopping day. All the class expected this day to buy cool things in Camden town, in the morning, and Oxford Street in the evening. Camden is a kind of street market where you can buy everything at a very cheap price, also in the streets there are lots of food stalls where you can find food from all countries. On other hand there is Oxford Street which is a very long street where there are a lot of international shops.

We bought a lot of things, for example, I bought a lot of clothes of GAP, Primark… and more shops. For my family, I bought typical souvenirs from London to remember this moment.

I walked a lot that day, I remember that my legs hurt from walking that day and didn’t stop. When I got home I had dinner and quickly went to my bed to relax. It was a very exhausting day.

Dani Duran

DSC00483DSC00422 DSC00479

 Day 5: The museums and the Spanish omelet

Wednesday 25th March

This day we didn’t visit art museums, we visited the Natural History Museum and the Science museum. It was a fantastic day because I learned a lot of things. First in the Science Museum when I learned about the animals of the past and present day animals, and what I liked most was an exposition with big animal models, like a whale, an elephant, a rhino…

The other museum was the Science Museum. In the museum I learned about all of the science of the history, but when I say all is all, the museum was very big with a lot of information. It is the museum where I learned more because I visited the museum with Domingo who explained to us the whole museum it was fantastic because I learn with his explanations.

 Dani Duran

DSC00518 DSC00505

Today we have done a lot of things.

In the morning we went to the Natural History Museum. I think it’s the museum I’ve liked the most. It has been very interesting, and there were a lot of spectacular things.

In the afternoon we went to the Science Museum, and I have to say that I haven’t liked it. I think it has been a little boring, and that there weren’t many things.

After this we went to Harrods. It was so nice, but we haven’t been able to buy anything because it was so expensive. We thought that they wouldn’t let us to enter, but they have let. After this, my friends and I went to Top Shop, and there I bought two t-shirts.

In the evening, we made the dinner. We cooked a Spanish omelet and bread with tomato. It has been very funny, and I think the taste was very good, but it seems that they haven’t enjoyed that.

Now we are sad because tomorrow will be the last day, and we will miss London a lot.

 Laia Turull

25 425 5

On the 25th of March, we woke up at quarter to seven and had breakfast at seven o’clock.     After that, at eight o’clock the Hindu man took us to a place where the coach was waiting.

Firstly, we went to the Natural History Museum, where there were lots of appealing things such as the Stegosaurus complete body and other unusual animals and prehistoric dinosaurs.

One of the most interesting zones was one which talked about how memory works and if it can be improved.

Time later, we had dinner at the Hyde Park. One hour later, we went for one hour and a half to the Science museum for our own. Furthermore, while lots of people wanted to go to Harrods one of the teachers asked if anybody wanted to stay more time into the museum and some people and I went with him in a guided tour into the museum.

Finally, when we arrived to the house, we tidied up the rooms and prepared everything for the last day in London.

 Ivan Sermanoukian

25 3 25 1 25 2

Day 6: Last day in London

Thursday 26th March

Queralt, Carla and I woke up at a quarter past seven and we were sad because it was the last day in London. We got dressed and we packed our things. After that, we went downstairs and we had breakfast. I ate milk with cereals and a cup of juice like every day. We met the bus at a quarter past eight and a few minutes later we went to The Imperial War Museum. There we spent the morning watching the weapons used during the First and Second World War. There were planes, tanks, missiles, cannonry, clothing worn by soldiers,… It was also exposed how the population survived the bombing. But the most shocking room was the Holocaust. It seemed like we were in a trench. There were letters of the Jews that were in the concentration camps when Adolf Hitler commanded. We could see how cruel were the Nazis with a lot of people and all the things that they made at them.

A couple of hours later, we had lunch and we went directly to the airport called Gatwick. We checked in the suitcase and then we stayed at the airport for a little time. There we could walk around the airport and see the stores. Then, we headed towards our entrance to board the plane. We sat in the seat and the plane started to take off. In a few minutes we were in the sky flying to Barcelona. When we could removed the belt I ordered a chocolate cupcake because I wanted to spend all my coins. It was really good!

Two hours later we arrived to Barcelona. We took our baggage and we went to the door where our parents were waiting for us. When we saw our parents, everybody started to greet us. I met my father and my sister, I said goodbye to my friends and we drove home.

This stay in London has been very rewarding and, above all, I’ve had a very good time!!

 Maria Álvarez

26 2

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